Mentoring for Professionals

In order to qualify to facilitate the Safe and Sound Protocol for your clients, you need to complete the certification training on the Unyte-iLs website.

In order to qualify to complete training, you must have a professional background in trauma-informed healthcare, including a Masters Degree.

This page deals with mentoring newly qualified SSP Practitioners in order to ensure that SSP standards are kept high.

We are passionate about ensuring optimal outcomes for the Safe and Sound Protocol in order to keep our clients – and your clients SAFE.

Once you have completed your initial training, before you start to work with your own clients, it is highly recommended that you work your way through the SSP a couple of times in order to fully understand its capabilities.

After all, each autonomic nervous system is completely unique, and just because you didn’t notice much happening, it doesn’t mean this will be the case for your first client.

Why not take the same journey as your client, supervised closely by us?

We have been working with the Safe and Sound Protocol since it first arrived in the UK, and have worked with hundreds of clients each. We strive for best practice, in order to raise the profile of the programme.

We can help you write your first client case study, and to fully understand the process from the point of view of your client.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss our mentoring programme.