The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

The Safe and Sound Protocol by iLs (Integrated Listening Systems) is an evidence-based intensive listening programme aimed at those with anxiety, social communication difficulties and trauma that has been developed as a result of over four decades of peer-reviewed research, based on Dr Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory.

Move2Connect was amongst the first practices offer the Safe and Sound Protocol in the UK, and is now one of the most experienced Safe and Sound Protocol providers in the world, providing regular feedback and clinical advice to Unyte-iLs in the field of neuro-developmental therapy and the SSP, as well as mentoring and training new practitioners. Emma is also passionate about best practice in the use of the Safe and Sound Protocol.

Music is played through over-ear headphones, which has been specially filtered in order to gradually expose the auditory system to different sound frequencies. It works by stimulating the facial and vagus nerves and helping the autonomic nervous system to regulate, improving concentration and social engagement.

Prospective clients often ask us why the Safe and Sound Protocol is so different from other auditory integration programmes.

In a nutshell, the Safe and Sound Protocol is the only auditory intervention that directly retunes and regulates autonomic state, moving a person out of fight/flight/freeze and into a rest and digest/parasympathetic state

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Safe and Sound Protocol UK

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