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Neuroception: Balancing the SSP, children and their parents

Here you are walking your parenting tightrope: You are considering therapy for your struggling child. The Safe and Sound Protocol is still not so widely known about in the United Kingdom, so it may not be your first port of call. The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a five-hour auditory therapy based on the […]

Introducing the Safe and Sound Protocol Digital

In response to desperate pleas by SSP providers around the globe, iLs has pushed through the release of the Safe and Sound Protocol in digital format somewhat earlier than planned to address concerns about providing the physical product due to social distancing and hygiene measures. The Safe and Sound Protocol, in case you do not […]

The Safe and Sound Protocol in the UK

…vital information from a collection of the most experienced practitioners This post contains vital information for remote clients of the Safe and Sound Protocol as well as people researching. If you are looking for information on what the SSP is, please refer to this post – you probably already know, the Safe and Sound […]

Handwriting and neuroscience

The ultimate reason why I have ended up working to help struggling children (and adults) is because my own child was finding school such a challenge. My youngest child doesn’t have quite the same challenges: he was teaching himself to read aged 2, could count into the thousands by the time he started pre-school and […]

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