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Emma Ashfield

Neuro-developmental Therapist for Move2Connect

Emma uses a combination of reflex integration movements and other bodywork techniques coupled with the iLs/Unyte Safe and Sound Protocol, the iLs Focus, and neurofeedback, if required.

Emma is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and as a polyvagal-informed approach to trauma, this complements the work she does using the Safe and Sound Protocol and primitive reflex integration.

She was one of the first professionals in the UK to qualify to use the Safe and Sound Protocol, and has worked with several hundred children and their parents to date.

Emma advises Unyte-iLs on training and clinical best practice, and is a passionate ambassador for the Safe and Sound Protocol, as well as its potential use within the NHS in the future.

She is a member of the UK Psychological Trauma Society and the The European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.

I believe that rhythm and predictability is an important aspect of our development and ability to self-regulate.


Gaynor Ralls

Gaynor Ralls is a certified practitioner and instructor in Rhythmic Movement Training. She has been working in the neuro-developmental field, specialising in reflex integration, since the end of 2012 and runs a busy private practise in Woking, Surrey. As well as consulting, she regularly runs courses, both nationally and internationally, in Rhythmic Movement Training. She has 20 years teaching experience and is qualified in a number of different modalities, as well as the Rhythmic Movement Training, which she combines with her work to support all the people who come to see her. Other therapies include: Touch for Health, MNRI – Masgutova Neuro-Sensory Motor Reflex Integration, QRI – Quantum Reflex Integration, Brain Gym, Movement Based Learning.

She qualified to offer the Safe and Sound Protocol, in February 2020 and continues to keep her training up to date. Combining SSP with her neuro-developmental work has helped with enabling the healing journey to go deeper in clients’ nervous systems.

Kate Rigby

Kate Rigby been working with the SSP since October 2019 after adding it to her successful Reflex Integration clinic based near Huddersfield, where she works with parents, adoptive parents, foster carers and schools using Rhythmic Movement Training.

She loves working with the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) with children who are struggling to manage their emotions and are often stuck in fight or flight. When we are stuck in fight or flight, the world is a very stressful place (speaking from personal experience!) and the SSP is a powerful tool to help.

She also loves to work with neurodiversity and genetic differences such as Down Syndrome (her youngest son has Down Syndrome) and Fragile X and has seen great benefits as a result.