What is the Safe and Sound Protocol?

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The Safe and Sound Protocol by Unyte-iLs is an evidence-based intensive listening programme used as a gateway therapy for those with trauma, anxiety and social communication difficulties that has been developed as a result of over four decades of peer-reviewed research, based on Dr Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory.

The Safe and Sound Protocol is not so much of a "protocol" as a process, which looks different for each individual.

Music is played through over-ear headphones, which has been specially filtered in order to gradually expose the auditory system to different sound frequencies, training auditory pathways to focus on the frequency envelope of the human voice. It works by stimulating the facial and vagus nerves via the middle ear, which helps the autonomic nervous system to regulate, improving concentration and social engagement.

Prospective clients often ask why the Safe and Sound Protocol is so different from other auditory integration programmes.

In a nutshell, the Safe and Sound Protocol is the only auditory intervention that directly retunes and regulates autonomic state, moving a person out of fight/flight/freeze and into a rest and digest/parasympathetic state.

SSP Programmes

SSP Connect

This is the first programme you will experience while working with me.

It is an unfiltered version of the same playlist used for SSP Core.

It is used as a "dress rehearsal" for your nervous system - allowing you to work out which playlist you prefer, what time of day you prefer to listen at, where you prefer to listen and what activity you prefer while you are listening.

Additionally, setting yourself up for cues of safety using SSP Connect elicits positive effects.

SSP Connect

SSP Core

This is the programme of engineered sound, which sounds like music, also known as the "Safe and Sound Protocol".

The 5-hour programme is progressive and is a full reboot for your nervous system via the ears.

The SSP works by adjusting the middle ears to focus on the frequency envelope of the human voice by working with the Stapaedius.

By accessing the vagus and facial nerves, the SSP regulates the autonomic nervous system, helping the listener to build capacity and reduce sensitivities.

SSP Core

SSP Balance

The SSP Balance uses the same playlists as the SSP Core, and is used as a follow-up a month or so later.

It is important not to use SSP Balance too soon after SSP Core as nervous systems continue to shift following listening to Core.

The SSP Balance uses a constant level of filtering throughout the 5 hours, and is used for those who like to continue listening and integrating the benefits of SSP Core.

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The Safe and Sound Protocol described by a 12 year-old

How does the Safe and Sound Protocol Work?